Xcalibur Multiphysics updates MagCUBE IFR WebMap via ArcGIS Online

Xcalibur Multiphysics updates MagCUBE IFR WebMap via ArcGIS Online

Following the completion of the Xcalibur acquisition of the CGG Multi-Physics group in July 2021, we have released our updated MagCUBE In-Field Referencing (IFR) models webmap covering major shale plays throughout North America.

These IFR models for measurement while drilling (MWD) utilize both the outlines of the various shale plays (Bakken, Marcellus, Haynesville, Eagle Ford, Woodford, Niobrara, and Delaware) available via the Energy and Information Administration (EIA) that are published on ESRI’s LivingAtlas and the current Baker-Hughes Interactive Map Rig Count to delineate the extent of these pre-calculated models.The GIS team published the MagCUBE model coverage back in 2019 onto ESRI’s ArcGIS Online (AGOL) platform.

AGOL serves a large portion of the GIS community with approximately 2.1 million active users. In December of 2021, the AGOL platform shared over 48 million items which included maps, apps, and layers and had over 153 billion basemap requests, such as those accessed in the Xcalibur MagCUBE WebMap.This interactive layer allows operators and drillers to easily see if their assets intersect with the Xcalibur model coverage on their ArcGIS desktops or their online webmaps.  With MagCUBE, both onshore and offshore directional drilling projects are more accurate with reduced costs. This advanced technology is available globally, and exclusively, from Xcalibur Multiphysics.

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