Xcalibur Smart Mapping’s IT Department wins award at Computing 2024 for Excellence in Cybersecurity Implementation


In a significant achievement, Xcalibur Smart Mapping’s Information Technology Department has been honored with a prestigious award at the Computing 2024 Gala, an event that celebrates innovation and excellence in the information technology sector. Computing, a nationally recognized digital magazine renowned in the ICT world, presented the award, marking a milestone for Xcalibur in its cybersecurity journey.

The award recognizes Xcalibur’s comprehensive cybersecurity project, which spans three fundamental areas:

  1. Endpoint Security
  2. Cloud Services Security (Teams, Email, OneDrive, SharePoint)
  3. Employee Security Awareness Campaign

The project was executed globally, covering regions such as Australia, Kazakhstan, India, Africa, Congo, USA, Colombia, Brazil, and Canada. This extensive deployment ensures robust cybersecurity measures across all business units.

Key contributors and project highlights: team effort and individual contributions

The success of this project is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the entire IT team, both at headquarters and in various business units worldwide. Key contributors include Andrés López, José María González, Sebastián Rodríguez, Charl Ferreira, Doug Robinson and Paul Wright. Their collective efforts have been instrumental in achieving this recognition.

  • Project Background and Execution

The implementation, initially expected to take a year, was completed in less than six months. This rapid deployment was facilitated by the proactive and coordinated efforts of the team.

Results and Impact

The project yielded impressive results:

  • 99% reduction in spam
  • Continuous monitoring of information security
  • Real-time attack tracking with thousands of suspicious events detected
  • Rapid file recovery capabilities
  • Enhanced information security for users
  • Significant improvement in server security, preventing unauthorized access

Words of Gratitude

Andrés López, Head of IT, expressed his gratitude: ” representing Xcalibur Smart Mapping is an incredible honor. I am deeply grateful to be recognized in this way. I would also like to extend my most sincere thanks to Computing Spain, Hornet Security, and Kyocera for believing in our project and granting this award.”

López further acknowledged the unwavering support from the entire IT team and the Xcalibur family, whose confidence and collaboration were pivotal throughout the project.

“This project has been extraordinary, full of challenges and learning experiences. It has reinforced my passion for cybersecurity and my commitment to making the digital world a safer place. Receiving this award inspires me to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and strive for excellence in the field of cybersecurity. I look forward to the future and the exciting challenges and opportunities it offers,” López added.

A Night of Celebrating Technological Innovation

The Computing 2024 Gala, attended by over 400 industry leaders, highlighted the capability of Spanish organizations to innovate and overcome challenges. The event celebrated 20 projects, each demonstrating a high level of complexity and significance in their respective modernization processes.

Xcalibur Smart Mapping competed alongside major corporate entities such as Metro de Madrid, Caser, Telefonica, Ibercaja, UNED, the Ministry of Transport and Mobility, Banco Sabadell, Coca-Cola, Eulen, Asisa, and Repsol, showcasing the vibrant and dynamic nature of the Spanish tech industry.

Congratulations to the entire IT team for this well-deserved recognition and their outstanding contribution to Xcalibur’s cybersecurity advancements.


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