The 15th International Energy & Mineral Resources Congress reinforces Xcalibur Multiphysics commitment to responsible exploration

Xcalibur 15th International Energy Mineral Resources Congress

The sessions have focused on the most innovative mineral resource detection technologies, groundwater detection and monitoring or the efficiency of mineral resource search systems

Víctor González, CEO of Xcalibur Multiphysics Spain, expressed his satisfaction with the reinforcement of the company’s leading position in the sector.

The XV International Congress on Energy and Mineral Resources has concluded today after three days of intense presentations and discussions in which Xcalibur Multiphysics has played a leading role. Representatives of the company, Olides López and Manuel Guerra, have shared their experience and expertise in airborne geophysics and sustainable water management, consolidating the company’s position as a world leader in the application of cutting-edge technologies in the exploration of critical resources.

Impact of Xcalibur Multiphysics at the event: Victor Gonzalez, CEO of Xcalibur Multiphysics Spain, has shared his perspective on the company’s significant participation in the three-day event, stating, “The XV International Congress of Energy and Mineral Resources has been a unique opportunity to present Xcalibur’s leadership in the application of cutting-edge technologies in the exploration and sustainable management of critical resources. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability is reflected in every project we present, and this conference has reinforced our role as a reference in the sector”.

Xcalibur Multiphysics featured particpation: Exploration of Critical Minerals in the Ecological Transition Olides Lopez, in his presentation, “Airborne Geophysics: solutions for the exploration of critical minerals in the ecological transition”, has highlighted the state-of-the-art technologies employed by Xcalibur Multiphysics in the exploration and detection of critical minerals. He also discussed the company’s global leadership position in the development and use of these technologies, with special emphasis on the constant evolution of detection tools.

Sustainable wáter management and groundwater prospecting: Manuel Guerra addressed the subject in his lecture entitled “Towards a sustainable water management: aero-geophysics and remote sensing in groundwater prospection and quality”.

He has delved into the best technologies for the identification of groundwater reservoirs, basin management and groundwater contamination level assessment and monitoring. SEMACRET Project and sustainability in exploration On the other hand, Rodrigo del Potro, Business Development Manager at Xcalibur Multiphysics, participated in the session “Success stories of sustainable mining applied to innovation projects”, presenting the SEMACRET project developed through the Horizon Europe program.

Del Potro highlighted the importance of optimizing the exploration of critical mineral deposits in the European Union, minimizing environmental impact and maximizing results, with a strong social focus.

The pilot project covers locations in Portugal, Czech Republic, Finland and Poland, with Xcalibur’s Helitem system taking center stage, ensuring “efficient, complete and fast” mineral exploration. Xcalibur Multiphysics closes its participation in the congress by reaffirming its commitment to innovation, sustainability and advancing the exploration of critical mineral resources in the era of ecological transition.

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