Airborne Gravity Gradiometry (AGG) FALCON


FALCON® Airborne Gravity Gradiometry is the industry leading AGG technology, providing high-resolution, high-quality and broad bandwidth gravity solutions for structural and lithological mapping, and for direct target detection. Xcalibur Smart Mapping has extensive FALCON AGG experience for a wide variety of applications in the mineral, new and traditional energy, geothermal and government mapping sectors.



The FALCON AGG technology was developed by Xcalibur Smart Mapping, BHP and Lockheed Martin and is the only AGG instrument specifically designed to operate in the challenging dynamic airborne environment. Its unique noise rejection technology allows acquisition of the highest-quality gravity data from a range of aircraft platforms in a variety of conditions.


Xcalibur Smart Mapping operates six FALCON systems globally, on fixed-wing and helicopter platforms. FALCON delivers full tensor airborne gravity with:

  • The highest data quality, and lowest contractual noise specifications, in the industry.


  • Globally proven technology with published ground gravity comparison datasets.


  • High quality data in turbulent conditions – More production, less standby.


  • Rapid acquisition and processing – Accelerate your exploration.


  • Smaller, more efficient aircraft – Lower cost.


  • Minimal Environmental and Social Impact – No ground access required


  • 100% coverage over topography, vegetation, water bodies, restricted areas.


  • All FALCON surveys also acquire magnetic data as standard and can optionally acquire radiometric data – multiple datasets for greater exploration outcomes.


  • Industry-leading technical, operational and interpretation personnel.


  • Efficient airborne operations for minimal environmental and social impact.


  • Safety, Quality and Project Management expertise.


The Falcon family offers four systems options tailored to meet all your exploration needs:


FALCON was designed to efficiently provide the highest quality airborne gravity data. Its unique noise rejection design enables it to be the only AGG technology capable of acquiring high quality gravity data from highly efficient, turbine-engine, light aircraft.

This allows Falcon to deliver high quality, high sensitivity, full tensor airborne gravity data, with the highest production rates and highest efficiency in the industry.

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Constant system development and multiple operational, hardware and software improvements have enabled FALCON Plus to deliver double the signal-to-noise ratio of the original FALCON system.

FALCON Plus provides the highest sensitivity fixed wing AGG available for imaging even subtle gravity targets, in addition, it provides 30 times better spatial resolution (100m vs. 3,000m) and up to 10 times higher accuracy (0.1 mGal vs. 1.0 mGal) than conventional airborne gravity.

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The Full Spectrum FALCON technology collects the broadest bandwidth, highest resolution, and lowest noise airborne gravity data available, with simultaneous acquisition of both FALCON airborne gravity gradient data and iCORUS-X scalar gravity data.

These data streams are conformed to obtain high-accuracy gravity data from wavelengths of 10’s of meters to 100’s of km, significantly improving imaging at depth and increasing spatial resolution for near-surface geology.

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HeliFALCON  delivers the highest spatial resolution airborne gravity data and is the only airborne gravity gradiometer (AGG) system deployable in a helicopter.

HeliFALCON flies lower and slower, providing ultra high-resolution data for detailed target mapping, or for exploration in rugged terrain.

Accessing large areas of land quickly, safely, and efficiently our FALCON systems can fast track exploration, and inform exploration decisions with confidence. With six systems positioned globally, one of the FALCON family is waiting nearby.

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The world´s highest-resolution and highestsensitivity airborne gravity technology


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