Raw Materials Summit 2024: Xcalibur Smart Mapping joins EIT RawMaterials

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By becoming a partner of the EIT RawMaterials consortium, a crucial actor gathering all relevant stakeholders in the raw materials value chain, Xcalibur Smart Mapping reinforces its representation within this influential EU partner organization. 

As an Associate Partner, Xcalibur will proactively participate in the development and implementation of important policies and projects related critical raw materials (CRM), both in Europe and beyond. Xcalibur’s responsible and innovative mapping of critical raw materials serves as a central enabler of a sustainable global economy as well as a fair and balanced energy transition. This is particularly relevant in the context of the new CRM Act and the EU’s efforts to engage in sustainable strategic partnerships with CRM-rich countries worldwide.

Brussels, Belgium 15 May 2024Xcalibur Smart Mapping, the worldwide leader in airborne geophysics, has joined EIT RawMaterials, a key raw materials actor focused on advancing Europe’s transition into a sustainable economy.

This cooperation comes at a crucial time both for European industry and policymakers: With the EU’s groundbreaking new Critical Raw Materials Act entering into force later this month, the question about how to diversify Europe’s supply of critical raw materials, which Is crucial for a successful digital and green twin transition, is beginning to take center stage.

As a member of EIT RawMaterials, Xcalibur Smart Mapping will be ideally placed to ensure that its responsible, innovative, and data-driven mapping of critical raw materials plays a key part in bringing mining back to Europe in a responsible and sustainable way and enabling a truly fair and balanced energy transition.

Victor González, CEO Europe and North Africa at Xcalibur Smart Mapping, highlighted that “Xcalibur Smart Mapping and EIT RawMaterials working together makes perfect sense. We share the same objective to secure a sustainable raw materials supply for Europe by driving innovation, education, and entrepreneurship across European industrial ecosystems. We are looking very much forward to contributing our expertise and insights and making the implementation of the EU’s groundbreaking new Critical Raw Materials Act a success.”

Andrés Blanco, CEO of Xcalibur Smart Mapping, added that “just as EIT RawMaterials we at Xcalibur are as well deeply committed to supporting a just transition towards a sustainable, clean and just economy whilst strengthening Europe’s global competitiveness and securing employment.”

Bernd Schafer, CEO and Managing Director, EIT RawMaterials added, “We are delighted to welcome Xcalibur as a partner of the largest and most dynamic knowledge and innovation network in the raw materials sector. As we look ahead to turning the Critical Raw Materials Act into action, innovative organisations like Xcalibur with their pioneering smart mapping technologies are essential to developing Europe’s raw material potential into a strategic strength.”

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About Xcalibur Smart Mapping

Xcalibur Smart Mapping is the global leader in the airborne and mapping geophysics industry, providing comprehensive and sustainable solutions for mapping and assessing natural capital, renewable and non-renewable resources with +100 years of accumulated experience.

With over 1,400 executed projects and an astonishing total of more than 50 million linear kilometers flown, we have become global leaders across six continents. Our worldwide presence is underpinned by a fleet of more than 40 specialized aircraft owned by the group, all equipped with state-of-the-art geophysical systems. Our workforce, consisting of over 250 highly qualified employees, serves as the driving force behind our continuous innovation and industry success.

Our mission is to apply technology and smart data to discover natural capital responsibly, help stakeholders create opportuni ties for growth and integration, and protect biodiversity. All this with the firm purpose of accelerating a just energy transition for a more sustainable economy, making us the partner of reference in natural capital mapping.

To learn more visit www.xcaliburmp.com

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